Active Solar



Long-only fund on the worldwide solar sector


General information

Active Solar is the first long-only mutual fund focused on the worldwide solar energy sector; it was launched on September 15, 2008.

The strategy is to invest in the best companies of the solar sector, throughout the value chain of photovoltaics and without geographical limitation.

Active Solar invests only in listed stocks with sufficient liquidity.

Worldwide solar market

The photovoltaic industry and technology are mature; solar has become the leader of the energy revolution!

Do you know that?


The global photovoltaic market was multiplied by 100 in little more than 10 years.


This huge growth came with a 90% fall of the electricity cost generated by solar farms.


Solar photovoltaics is Nr.1 of the utility sector in terms of new worldwide installed capacities per year, far bigger than wind, gas and coal.


In most countries, solar has become the cheapest source of electricity with record low prices around USD 2 ct./kWh.

Worldwide photovoltaic capacity

= 3% of global electricity production in 2020


The International Energy Agency forecasts that photovoltaics will generate 14% of the world electricity in 2030 in the “Sustainable Development Scenario” that sees solar becoming the first source of power with 25% of global production in 2040. In the “Net Zero Emissions by 2050” scenario, solar already reaches 18% in 2030 with 4’000 GW of global capacity.


(Source: IEA, World Energy Outlook 2020)

Specifics on the fund

Active Solar is a UCITS Luxembourg mutual fund (Luxembourg Selection Fund – Active Solar) authorized for public distribution in Switzerland and France with a daily NAV in USD, EUR and CHF within 4 share classes:

  • C USD: ISIN LU0377291322
  • A EUR: ISIN LU0377296479
  • B EUR: ISIN LU1308789038
  • C CHF: ISIN LU0377294268

The NAV of the fund, the prospectus and all official publications are available on the website of swissfunddata.

– SFDR disclosure
– Engagement Policy SRDII

Active Solar is Official Partner of SolarStratos

The SolarStratos project aims to fly the first solar and electric manned plane into the stratosphere. SolarStratos will leave an indelible trace in the History of aeronautics and premieres with solar energy.

We are pioneers of solar investments with Active Solar and we are proud to support this solar adventure at the edge of Space.